by Michael Fabing
~1 minute

Nowadays, in Peru, very most of the origin of the timber is tracked manually, using paper.

The WTP-Project aim to create a new means of tracking timber by developing a tamper proof digital system based on Blockchain technology. Blockchain will be combined with new digital protocols for physical verification and authentication.

The latest technology associated to the "Modulo de Control del Sistema Nacional de Información Forestal y de Fauna Silvestre" (MC-SNIFFS) by SERFOR is an outstanding improvement in the tracking process in Peru.
WTP would state an upgrade of SERFOR's tool as the blockchain technology allows for storing this information in a public book, tamper proof and accessible to all, allowing the consumer to verify the legal origin of the wood he acquires.

Additionally, WTP's platform could in the future handle the entire payment processing system through smart contracts that guarantee that the information relevant to the tracking of the wood is registered by the user as a prerequisite for payment.

More information under: https://wtp-project.com

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